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Throughout our site you will see our different products and why they are so amazing, so we will take this time to really tell you about the actual us. We are a family of 4, Steven, Marie-Helene our daughters Ericka and Emma. All 4 of us play a role in the business whether that be the day to day or local charity initiatives. The girlsWe moved to Burlington, Ontario in 2007 and are so proud to be part of such a great city and community. We spent many years doing what we all do which was nose to the grindstone and push forward. This led us to careers with heavy travel or feeling of wanting something different. Different from what we knew and a different lifestyle to find that work/family balance. After some careful considerations we decided that La Crème de la Crème Creamery Inc was the vision that Marie-Helene always had and that needed to be put into reality. We knew if that we were going to do this then the experience must be different, so we discussed 2 simple philosophies that we need to never compromise on to ensure that we are not just your typical creamery or chocolatarie experience.

The best team with the friendliest service.
Product that is without a doubt second to none and will always be.

From those 2 simple philosophies La Creme de la Creme Creamery Inc came to life.


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